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Beebe Nelson Innovation Governance. How Top Management Organizes and Mobilizes for

The business leaders guide to encouraging continuous innovation in any organization Innovation governance is a hot topic in the business world. In a fast-paced business environment, the ability of corporate leaders to build purpose, direction, and focus for innovation is more important than ever. In this book, the authors provide a framework for encouraging and focusing innovation by explaining what innovation governance is, the various models for governance and their advantages and disadvantages, how to assess and improve governance practices, and behavioral tactics for maximizing the effectiveness of governance. It offers guidance for everyone from the boardroom through senior management, illustrating effective governance models with real case studies from a range of companies in the United States and Europe. Addresses an important yet underappreciated skill for CEOs, board members, and top management Features real-world examples and case studies from a variety of business from around the world Written by an author team with hands-on experience in the subjects of innovation management, organizational learning, innovation leadership, organizational behavior, and individual leadership and teamwork Innovation governance is a sadly neglected topic in many organizations. This book offers vital guidance and real-world experience for building innovation into any business from the top down.

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Richard Steinberg M. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance. It Cant Happen to Us--Avoiding Corporate Disaster While Driving Success

An experts insider secrets to how successful CEOs and directors shape, lead, and oversee their organizations to achieve corporate goals Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance shows senior executives and board members how to ensure that their companies incorporate the necessary processes, organization, and technology to accomplish strategic goals. Examining how and why some major companies failed while others continue to grow and prosper, author and internationally recognized expert Richard Steinberg reveals how to cultivate a culture, leadership process and infrastructure toward achieving business objectives and related growth, profit, and return goals. Explains critical factors that make compliance and ethics programs and risk management processes really work Explores the boards role in overseeing corporate strategy, risk management, CEO compensation, succession planning, crisis planning, performance measures, board composition, and shareholder communications Highlights for CEOs, senior management teams, and board members the pitfalls to avoid and what must go right for success Outlines the future of corporate governance and whats needed for continued effectiveness Written by well-known corporate governance and risk management expert Richard Steinberg Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance lays a sound foundation and provides critical insights for understanding the role of governance, risk management, and compliance and its successful implementation in todays business environment.

3138.26 РУБ



Неустановленный автор The preparation of business plans and their use in monitoring insolvency triggers

Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 2,0, University of Münster, language: English, abstract: How are business plans used and integrated in grown businesses to effectively support top management decision-making in terms of monitoring for insolvency triggers? To answer this question, the paper starts defining relevant terms and the conceptual background referring to management information systems, business planning and corporate insolvency. Afterwards, it captures how business plans should be tailored according to the top management's needs based on the management information system. Ultimately, the paper's target is to show the implications of business planning and critically discuss how business plans can support the top management in establishing the financial plan required for monitoring insolvency triggers.

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Pierre Barbaroux Knowledge Management and Innovation. Interaction, Collaboration, Openness

This book explores the relationships between knowledge management (KM) processes and innovation management. The geographical extension of markets and intensification of competition have led firms to experiment with novel approaches to innovation. New organizational forms emerged in which firms collaborate with various stakeholders to create, absorb, integrate and protect knowledge. This book explores how knowledge management processes evolve with firms’ implementation of interactive, collaborative and open innovation models and it identifies the various knowledge types and processes involved throughout the different phases of the innovation process. The authors provide operational typologies for understanding innovative firms’ capabilities and knowledge management practices and also discuss the main properties of four models of interactive innovation, namely open innovation, user-centric innovation, community-based innovation and crowdsourcing.

7468.37 РУБ



Jatin DeSai Innovation Engine. Driving Execution for Breakthrough Results

How to implement an innovation engine in any organization Innovation is often sought and is in high demand today. At the same time it is often misunderstood and lacks committed sponsorship. Today, most teams at the top need an innovation capability in a manner that works in tandem with their performance/operations management. Packed with actionable ideas, references, links, and resources, Innovation Engine meets that need. Reveals how to develop strategy, road maps, and processes for innovation execution Provides high level implementation guidance on executing innovation, something companies are struggling with globally Explores how todays companies can create a long-term sustainable corporate culture by also using an innovation engine Explains how to use innovation to keep employees engaged and motivated Written for executives, business leaders, CFOs, and CIOs Showing readers how to create a business case for innovation and a supporting innovation linked to business vision and goals, Innovation Engine clearly reveals how to reduce time-to-market, while expanding the «idea landscape» and building a pipeline of corporate innovators.

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John Bessant Responsible Innovation. Managing the Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society

Science and innovation have the power to transform our lives and the world we live in – for better or worse – in ways that often transcend borders and generations: from the innovation of complex financial products that played such an important role in the recent financial crisis to current proposals to intentionally engineer our Earth’s climate. The promise of science and innovation brings with it ethical dilemmas and impacts which are often uncertain and unpredictable: it is often only once these have emerged that we feel able to control them. How do we undertake science and innovation responsibly under such conditions, towards not only socially acceptable, but socially desirable goals and in a way that is democratic, equitable and sustainable? Responsible innovation challenges us all to think about our responsibilities for the future, as scientists, innovators and citizens, and to act upon these. This book begins with a description of the current landscape of innovation and in subsequent chapters offers perspectives on the emerging concept of responsible innovation and its historical foundations, including key elements of a responsible innovation approach and examples of practical implementation. Written in a constructive and accessible way, Responsible Innovation includes chapters on: Innovation and its management in the 21st century A vision and framework for responsible innovation Concepts of future-oriented responsibility as an underpinning philosophy Values – sensitive design Key themes of anticipation, reflection, deliberation and responsiveness Multi – level governance and regulation Perspectives on responsible innovation in finance, ICT, geoengineering and nanotechnology Essentially multidisciplinary in nature, this landmark text combines research from the fields of science and technology studies, philosophy, innovation governance, business studies and beyond to address the question, “How do we ensure the responsible emergence of science and innovation in society?”

11575.97 РУБ



G. OConnor C. Grabbing Lightning. Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation

Established companies are clamoring for breakthrough innovation, but are often hamstrung by the highly reliable, repeatable processes of their management systems. Based on years of research, Grabbing Lightning shows how twelve companies have tried to develop a capability for sustainable breakthrough innovation and outlines best practices for your organization. The authors show how the management system for innovation is different from the traditional one in that it allows?and even encourages?mistakes and failures in order to promote learning. Grabbing Lightning outlines the three building blocks of breakthrough innovation (BI) and shows what it takes to become an organization that values the BI management system.

2258.04 РУБ



Intellectual Property and Innovation Management in Small Firms

Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation are key management issues for todays enterprise. This timely book combines research on SMEs, IP and innovation. Drawing on original material from the ESRСs Programme on Intellectual Property, and showing a variety of approaches to the study of IP in small firms, this book reveals that IP and innovation management are interdisciplinary areas of research. These chapters provide new evidence on IP management in specific sectors such as software, engineering, textiles, biotechnology and electronic publishing. Some also address the strategic management of IP and examine IP management in the case of university spin-offs, while others focus on the role of patents in protection and innovation. The first major collected edition on IP and innovation management in SMEs, this book will be of interest to students, policy-makers and practitioners interested in IP and innovation.

17603 РУБ

Routledge похожие


Frederick Betz Managing Technological Innovation. Competitive Advantage from Change

Written by the author who helped crystalize the field of technology management and the management of innovation with the first two editions of Managing Technological Innovation, this Third Edition brings the subject in line with current business strategy. It also presents information in a newer organized format that aligns more closely with how the topics are presented and discussed in the classroom. Also included is a wider discussion of how science and technology interact with the global economy.

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Integral Management and Governance. Empirical Findings of MER Model

The editors of Integral Management and Governance: Empirical Findings in the Selected Fields of the MER Model (Mojca Duh and Jernej Belak) cordially invite you to explore the cognitions of the researchers-co-creators of the MER model of integral management and governance-from various countries, including Argentina, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Slovenia. The selected topics presented in this book include the MER model of integral management and governance: crises, credibility and knowledge of an enterprise; the influence of corporate culture on the competitive advantage of Croatian enterprises; the influence of economic crises on entrepreneurship as key success factors for management-the example of students' entrepreneurial spirit; the MER model of integral management and governance-economic crisis and the applicability of management methods and techniques; elements of enterprise development; and problems of succession planning in family enterprises.

6577 РУБ



Mark Laycock Risk Management At The Top. A Guide to and its Governance in Financial Institutions

With over 30 years’ experience of risk management in banks, Mark Laycock provides a comprehensive but succinct non-technical overview of risk and its governance in financial institutions. Bridging the gap between texts on governance and the increasingly technical aspects of risk management the book covers the main risk types experienced by banks – credit, market, operational and liquidity – outlines those risks before considering them from a governance perspective including the Board and Executive Management. Addressing terminology issues that can confuse dialogue, and by providing a bibliography alongside each chapter for more detailed discussion of the topic this book will ground readers with the knowledge they require to understand the unknown unknowns.

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Jeremy Hope The Leaders Dilemma. How to Build an Empowered and Adaptive Organization Without Losing Control

Drawing on their work on performance management within the ‘beyond budgeting’ movement over the past ten years, including many interviews and case studies, Jeremy Hope, Peter Bunce and Franz Röösli set out in this book an executive guide to building a new management model based on eight key change management issues: 1. Governance: From rules and budgets to purpose and values 2. Success: From fixed targets to relative improvement 3. Organization: From centralized functions to customer-oriented teams 4. Accountability: From narrow targets to holistic success criteria 5. Trust: From central control to local autonomy 6. Transparency: From closed information to open book management 7. Rewards: From individual incentives to team-based reward 8. Risk: From complying with rules to understanding pressure points This book is about rethinking how we manage organizations in a post-industrial, post credit crunch world where innovative management models represent the only remaining source of sustainable competitive advantage.[i] The changes suggested by the authors will enable and encourage a cultural climate change that will help organizations to attract and keep the best people as well as drive continuous innovation and growth. Above all, The CEOs Dilemma is about learning how to change business – based on best practice and innovation drawn from leaders world-wide who have built and managed successful organizations.

2387.46 РУБ



Robert Smallwood F. Information Governance. Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices

Proven and emerging strategies for addressing document and records management risk within the framework of information governance principles and best practices Information Governance (IG) is a rapidly emerging «super discipline» and is now being applied to electronic document and records management, email, social media, cloud computing, mobile computing, and, in fact, the management and output of information organization-wide. IG leverages information technologies to enforce policies, procedures and controls to manage information risk in compliance with legal and litigation demands, external regulatory requirements, and internal governance objectives. Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices reveals how, and why, to utilize IG and leverage information technologies to control, monitor, and enforce information access and security policies. Written by one of the most recognized and published experts on information governance, including specialization in e-document security and electronic records management Provides big picture guidance on the imperative for information governance and best practice guidance on electronic document and records management Crucial advice and insights for compliance and risk managers, operations managers, corporate counsel, corporate records managers, legal administrators, information technology managers, archivists, knowledge managers, and information governance professionals IG sets the policies that control and manage the use of organizational information, including social media, mobile computing, cloud computing, email, instant messaging, and the use of e-documents and records. This extends to e-discovery planning and preparation. Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices provides step-by-step guidance for developing information governance strategies and practices to manage risk in the use of electronic business documents and records.

5026.24 РУБ



Robert Thomas J. Driving Results Through Social Networks. How Top Organizations Leverage Networks for Performance and Growth

Driving Results Through Social Networks shows executives and managers how to obtain substantial performance and innovation impact by better leveraging these traditionally invisible assets. For the past decade, Rob Cross and Robert J. Thomas have worked closely with executives from over a hundred top-level companies and government agencies. In this groundbreaking book, they describe in-depth how these leaders are using network thinking to increase revenues, lower costs, and accelerate innovation.

1881.7 РУБ



Sebastian Sturm The Influence of Institutional Investors on Corporate Management and Governance in Germany

Diploma Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject Business economics - Law, grade: 1,3, Technical University of Chemnitz, language: English, abstract: Corporate management and corporate governance are becoming more and more crucial in today's successful economies. With the increasing relevance of capital markets this subjectcomes more into the focus of the public. Particularly, the fast growing importance of institutional investors is a key factor which helps to explain the changing attitude of managerstowards shareholders and corporate governance. In conjunction with the German capital market, a wide variety of mismanagement inGerman public limited companies has revealed shortfalls of German top-management and corporate control in the last decade. This development was of fundamental importance for the development of the German Corporate Governance Code. Hence, the basic underlyingof corporate governance can be attributed to a conflict between the management of a listed corporation and its owners. More precisely, this conflict arises because the management does not adequately comprise the interests of shareholders. In Germany, assets under management of professional investors have increased at 92 percent from 1990 to 2001.1 In addition, a growing administration of private savings by professional fund managers as well as the intensified exercise of influence by institutionalinvestors on corporate governance and corporate management respectively corporate strategy is observa...

3214 РУБ



Ilir Hajdini Innovation Management. The Leadership Role of the CEO

Master's Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 2 (Second Class), University of Sussex (SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research), course: International Management, language: English, abstract: The research plans to show the importance of the leadership role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Managing Innovation. This has also attracted the focus of researchers analysing leadership styles and its relation to innovation. Innovation is a transition from traditional methods to modern ways of providing products, services, processes, business models and much more. However, factors that have continuously kept innovation ever-increasing have not yet been clearly identified. Effectively, CEOs have their own role in the process of managing innovation allowing, initiating and monitoring the processes, products, services offered by public or private sectors. Therefore, this dissertation plans to compare the CEOs leadership role in two leading online world companies Yahoo and Google that are rapidly facing the growing demands for modernisation of their offerings. The comparison will attempt to test a hypothesis that relates Yahoo and Google CEOs' role in selection of strategy, acquisitions and management style, and its effect in innovation outcomes.

4189 РУБ



Girma Zawdie Construction Innovation and Process Improvement

Innovation in construction is essential for growth. The industry strives to remain competitive using a variety of approaches and needs to engage structured initiatives linked to proven innovation concepts, techniques and applications. Even in mature markets like the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, where business behaviour is generally considered as being risk averse, it is increasingly important to embed innovation into mainstream business practices. In Construction Innovation and Process Improvement a number of wide ranging issues from construction practice in different countries with different contexts are presented to provide a rich collection of literature embracing theory and practice. Chapters are divided into three broad themes of construction innovation relating to: Theory and Practice; Process Drivers; and Future Technologies. Several questions are posed, including for example: What is particularly unique about construction innovation in theory and practice? What are the major drivers of construction innovation? What factors are needed to support and deliver future construction technologies? In attempting to respond to such questions, the book sheds new light on these challenges, and provides readers with a number of ways forward, especially cognisant of the increased role of globalisation, the enhanced impact of knowledge, and importance of innovation. All these can have a significant impact on strategic decision-making, competitive advantage, and sustainable policies and practices. Part One deals with change management, technology, sustainable construction, and supply chain management; Part Two addresses innovation and process improvement drivers, including strategic management, concurrent engineering, risk management, innovative procurement, knowledge management; Part Three explores future technologies in construction – and particularly, how these can be harnessed and leveraged to help procure innovation and process improvement.

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NELS - Детская одежда из Финляндии. ... slide6. slide7. slide8. Пауза. О компании · Каталог · Купить · Контакты · rus eng fi. © 212-2018 NELS company.

Шапка, NELS | Каталог

Шапка не растягивается и держит форму долгое время. Мягкая хлопковая подкладка создает чувство уюта Состав верх 80 шерть, 20 полиэстер, подкладка 100 хлопок. Информация о технических характеристиках, комплекте поставки, стране изготовления и внешнем виде товара носит справочный характер и основывается на последних доступных сведениях от производителя.

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Каталог детской одежды Nels (Нельс) - интернет-магазин - официальный ... комбинезон nels для девочки, красный ... шапка nels для девочки, черная ...

Шапки NELS Шапка 1766116KLARA/0001 2499228...

страна производитель.Финляндия. комплектация.шапка. Код товара.MK-N. Модель.Шапка. Бренд.NELS. Артикул.1766116KLARA/0001. Популярные товары. Комплект Nels. 17 000 р. 11 050 р. Комплект Nels. 20 650 р. 11 450 р. Брюки Nels. 7 400 р. 5 100 р. Комплект Nels. 17 450 р. 10 450 р. Комплект Nels. 17 000 р. 10 450 р. Комплект Nels. 17 000 р. 9 950 р. Комплект Nels. 20 650 р. 11 450 р. Комплект Nels. 17 000 р. 10 450 р.

Купить Шапка Nels Sirpa 1766106/56 в Москве - Я Покупаю

Шапка для девочек Sirpa 1766106 цвет 56. Теплая шапка NELS розового цвета из мягкой шерсти. Шапка выполнена с завязками, помпоном из ...

Интернет-магазин брендовой детской одежды …

Сарафан 972.056.612 на девочку из хлопкового принтованного трикотажа найвысшего качества пенье с декоративной спинкой на шлейках.

Шапка-ушанка Nels на зиму для девочки 70475, купить за 1 890 руб ...

Nels Шапка-ушанка, стоимостью 1 890 руб. Артикул 70475.(экономия 53%)

Детские головные уборы Nels – купить в Москве в интернет ...

для девочек; для малышей ..... Шапка Nels Otto фиолетовый. -60% ... Шапка Nels Shlemo сиреневый. -56% ... Шапка-шлем Nels Venla, цвет: черный. -56%.

Заботливая мама детская одежда от 0 до 16 лет

Мальчики. Девочки. от 0 до 2 лет. от 2 до 16 лет.

Детские шапки и береты для девочек NELS - купить детские шапки ...

Детские шапки и береты для девочек NELS в нашем каталоге со скидкой до 70%, доставка 0 руб по РФ. Выгодно купить детские шапки и береты для ...

Nels шапка шлем у кого?

nels шапка шлем у кого? 10 декабря 2015, 15:49. кто знает как они в носке? теплые? huppa кто знает теплый ли это комбез? кто носил шапку шлем nels? Подпишись на канал baby.ru в. 10 декабря 2015 15:50.

Шапка для девочки NELS - Тедди-Маркет

Одежда и обувь для пляжа PLAYSHOES В нашем магазине вы найдете большой выбор солнцезащитной пляжной одежды, обуви и головных уборов ...

nels - Шапки для девочек - купить шарфы, перчатки в России на Avito

Объявления о продаже шапок шарфов и перчаток раздела Детская одежда и обувь для девочек в России на Avito.

детский магазин одежда, обувь . Автокресла. …

Evenflo - контроль качества продукции. Краш-тесты "Мы проверяем безопасность детских автомобильных кресел до 6-ти раз в день".

Шапка Nels (Нелс) арт 1066002 VIVI 1000/ЛЕОПАРД ... - KupiVip

Шапка Nels (Нелс) купить в интернет-магазине KUPIVIP.RU по цене 2750 руб, артикул 1066002 VIVI 1000/ЛЕОПАРД/W14081017160, цвет леопард.

Детские шапки, купить детскую шапку для мальчика или...

Nels. ... Для девочек предлагается более интересный ассортимент, в котором каждая шапка – это настоящее произведение искусства. Неповторимые узоры, элементы, декорированные стразами, бантами, нашивками и даже маленькими плюшевыми игрушками. PETIT MODE - марка детских головных уборов, созданная для малышей и их любящих и внимательных родителей.

Куртка для девочки NELS — 3850 руб. - KidKat.ru

Куртка для девочки NELS. Модное лаковое полупальто для стильных девочек. Актуальная в ... 660 руб. sale! Детская шапка Pilguni 25-504 темно-синий.

NELS - Finsklad

NELS. Мы не первые, Но единственные. Свободный и непредвзятый взгляд, ... в создании достойной линии изделий из пуха для мальчиков и девочек. ... парки, аляски, конверты, пуховые одеяла на выписку, комплекты, шапки, ...

Купить детскую одежду Nels (нельс) - официальный сайт ...

Nels (нельс), интернет-магазин ➤ у нас 13 товаров по самым низким ценам. ✓ Доставка по всей России ✓Подробное описание и отзывы ...

Шапки NELS купить в интернет-магазине, Бейсболки...

Шапки NELS по лучшей цене с доставкой по всей России. Бейсболки и кепки NELS от всех интернет-магазинов на IvanPokupkin.ru. ... размер 1: (50 см.) на возраст: 1 -2 года размер 2: (52 см.) на возраст: 2- 5 лет размер 3: (54 см.) на возраст: 5 - 10 лет размер 4: (56 см.) старше 10 лет Гламурная шапочка 80%шерсть 20%ПАна завязках с большим пумпоном из натурального меха(енот)для девочки.Каждый шов в моделяххорошо продуман и целесообразен.Шапка не растягивается и держит форму.

Отзывов Шапка Nels - Москва

Зимний костюм - куртка+штаны Nels, куплены в 2011 г. стоимость ок. 8500 руб. Шапка Tutu unique, куплена в 2011 г. за 1800 руб. в торговом центре "Персей", г. Москва. Варежки Huppa, куплены за 1000 руб. в торговом центре "Персей", г. Москва. Ведро 90 руб. Лопата 80 руб. Шапка Tutu unique из мериноса была куплена под зимний костюм. Плюсы - не чешется, не мокнет голова, шапка выглядит дорого.

Nels детская одежда, купить одежду Нельс... - Москва

NELS детская одежда. Большой выбор детской одежды NELS в магазине Fashion Kids с доставкой по Москве и России. Всегда в наличии детские зимние комбинезоны, куртки и пальто. Категории с товарами "NELS" ... Зимний полукомбинезон для мальчика фирмы NELS выполнены из непромокаемой плотной ткани. Страна бренда. Финляндия.

Шапка NELS 5905389 в интернет-магазине Wildberries.kz

Шапка NELS 5905389 в интернет-магазине Wildberries.kz. ... 80 шерсть 20 ПА на завязках с большим пумпоном из натурального меха енот для девочки.

Nels для девочки купить в интернет-магазине недорого...

Nels для девочки. Здесь в проиллюстрированном сайте товаров вы можете найти и купить Nels для девочки нельс для, нельс для на пуху натуральном по ... Здесь невероятное кол-во свежеотобранных марок: Vitacci, престиж, Catimini, Ido, Blue Note Records, Scool, белый снег, а так же платье для девочки Mayoral, брюки Ido для девочки, так же для вас станет ловко их выбрать при розыске крутой закупки.

Комплект Nels 116 зима пуховик, брюки, шапка, шарф | Festima.Ru ...

Купите Комплект Nels 116 зима пуховик, брюки, шапка, шарф с .... 19 см Сезон: зима Пол: Девочки Страна бренда: Финляндия Страна производитель: ...

Нельс NELS - финская одежда для детей | ВКонтакте

Новые пуховые комбинезоны финской марки NELS Нельс. 89037424540 Елена. ... Nels, Lassie by Reima, Kuutti-финская одежда для детей. Весенняя коллекция!!! Информация. Новые пуховые комбинезоны финской марки NELS Нельс. 89037424540 Елена. альбомы.

Детская одежда Nels: зимняя коллекция для девочек и мальчиков ...

Финская детская одежда Nels удивляет отменным качеством и ... головной убор в виде шлема можно надеть под обычную шапку в сильные морозы или ...

Интернет-магазин "TROLLS Одежда из …

Модные детские парки Kerry Теплые, яркие, удобные парки для детей являются трендом предстоящего зимнего сезона.

NELS финская одежда | Каталог

Пуховое пальто для девочки NELS REETA 14281121. 9 730 руб 13 900 руб. В корзину. Размер: 116. -30%. 5919 Куртка для мальчика нельс весна NELS. 3 150 руб 4 500 руб. В корзину.

Новые поступления шапок, шлемов и краг Nels!!!

Ожидается поступление Шапок Nels 80% шерсть Шлемов Nels 100% шерсть Мех енот Краги Nels утеплитель Тинсулейт 4 грамм Качество , как всегда у Nels отличное. Шапки не уступают по качеству КИВАТ Информацию по размерам и цена выложу чуть позже.

NELS - каталог 2018-2019 в интернет магазине WildBerries.ru

Большой выбор товаров из каталога NELS в интернет-магазине ... NELS / Пуховик. 29 ... NELS / Пуховик. 29 ... NELS / Комбинезон. 33 ..... NELS / Шапка.

Шапка для девочки Nels Viivi, цвет: черный ирис.

Шапка для девочки Nels Milli, цвет: черный ирис. 2166110_101. Размер 54/56. 2320 руб. ... Заказать и купить шапка детская nels jaska цвет синий 2166235 размер 50 по выгодной цене в 1650 рублей от производителя Nels в интернет-магазинах Москвы или всей России. 1 2 3. Вместе с шапка детская nels jaska цвет синий 2166235 размер 50 также покупают.

Nels — магазин детской одежды | Нельс по низким ценам...

Детская одежда Nels в интернет-магазине Екатеринбурга. Не найдено ни одного товара. Интернет магазин Nels в Екатеринбурге. Покупая детские товары в интернет-магазине Икс-Кидс.ру вы получаете ряд преимуществ в работе и обслуживании клиента: Качественная и оригинальная продукция от официального производителя Nels. Высокий сервис обслуживания клиента. Детские товары с Европейским стандартом безопасности.

Купить Nels шапка-шлем со скидкой | Шапки

Показать все фотографии. NELS Шапка-шлем. Tweet. Поделиться. ... Утепленная шапка-шлем для девочки, выполнена из высококачественной мягкой пряжи, утеплена синтепоном, на подкладке... Новое. Быстрый просмотр.

Шапка для девочки oldos нора цвет серый 3o8hw07 размер 54 56

Бренд: OLDOS. Демисезонная стильная и практичная шапка от Oldos для девочки. ... Шапка для девочки Nels Pimppi, цвет: каменно-серый. 2166108_21.

Beebe nelson innovation governance how top management organizes and mobilizes. Женская, мужская и детская одежда и обувь …

Личные вещи - объявления в Челябинске: одежда и обувь, часы и украшения, товары для детей, игрушки и многое другое в продаже от частных лиц и компаний - …

NELS! - детская одежда nels - Конференции 7я.ру

NELS!. Детская одежда других производителей. СП: детская одежда. Организация совместных покупок ... Брюки, шапки, варежки, утеплитель: синтепон. Cъемный песцовый мех на воротниках курток для девочек. Cъмный капюшон.

Шапки nels шапка купить в интернет-магазине - MONSP

Шапки nels шапка. Nels Cline Nels Cline - Currents, Constellations. . похожие товары. 2 135 руб. (33) | Заказы (343). В магазин | 2 135 руб. Nels Cline Nels Cline - Lovers (2 LP). ... Шапка детская двухцветная с помпоном. Описание:Комплект из шапки и шарфа EBICO • Шапка • Шарф • Материал :… La Redoute Collections похожие товары. 1 299 руб.

Шапка для девочки Milli. 2166110, цвет: белый - купить модную ...

Купить шапка для девочки milli. 2166110 Nels и другую модную одежду по доступным ценам в интернет-магазине OZON.ru. В наличии одежда больших и ...

Nels - Москва

Nels – финская пуховая одежда для детей. Финская фирма Nels знает толк в детской пуховой одежде. Она одевает детей любого возраста и предлагает достойную линию изделий из пуха. В коллекции есть все: от пухового одеяла для новорожденных мальчиков и девочек, до модных пуховых парок и пальто для юношей и девушек.

Одежда Nels. Сравните цены и купите по низкой цене в Твери

Одежда Nels - подберите по цене, брендам и характеристикам в Твери. Большой выбор предложений на ... Шапка для девочки Nels Milli, цвет: ежевика.

Шапки Nels в России. Сравнить цены, купить...

Шапки Nels. Продажа, поиск, поставщики и магазины, цены в России. ... / Шапки Nels: найдено 2 наименованияШапки Nels: найдено 2 наименования. Шапки Nels в России. Аксессуары 2. Комплекты шарф-шапка-перчатки 2. Шапки Nels со скидкой. Другие страны. Шапки Nels в Украине. Показать сначала: По рейтингу.

Купить детские шапки и береты от 199 руб в интернет-магазине ...

Скидки на детские шапки и береты каждый день! Более 343 моделей в наличии! БЕСПЛАТНАЯ доставка по России!

Распродажа Nels в Lookbuck | Страница 2

Распродажа: Nels на Lookbuck. Найдено 176 товаров со скидкой.


Бренд NELSШапка с помпоном для мальчиков и девочек KLARA 1766116. Размеры: Шапка для мальчиков и девочек SEVENSSON 1766114 · 1 400 руб.

Шапки NELS Шапка 1766116KLARA/0001 2499228 молочный ...

Шапки NELS Шапка 1766116KLARA/0001 2499228 молочный Девочки. Купить за 2 270 руб. Скидки до 50% на MaxiKatalog.ru.

"Финская одежда" - Интернет-магазин, …

В интернет — магазине Odenem.ru вы можете купить мужскую финскую одежду известных брэндов по недорогой цене.

Шапка для девочки nels jaska цвет розовый 2166235...

Шапка для девочки Nels Pimppi, цвет: каменно-серый. 2166108_21. Размер 54/56. Бренд: Nels. ... Балаклава для девочки Nels Ninni, цвет: розовый. 2166102. Размер 54. Бренд: Nels.

Балаклавы NELS Шапка-шлем (1766102ONERVA/21) - за...

В интернет-магазине Шмотер.ру вы можете купить шапки-шлемы Nels по низким ценам! В каталоге нашего сайта представлено 0 [шапок-шлемов Nels модель] с хорошими фото, любую из которых вы можете заказать онлайн с доставкой на дом. ... Мы очень сожалеем, но по Вашему запросу ничего не найдено. Возможно, вещи уже закончились. :( Подпишитесь на распродажи Nels и получайте первыми информацию о скидках и новых коллекциях со всех магазинов на свой email!

Детская одежда Nels (Нельс) купить в Москве - Nils.ru

Большой выбор детской одежды бренда Nels (Нельс) в интернет-магазине Nils. Покупайте качественную одежду по лучшим ценам. Доставка по Москве ...

Купить шлем-шапку фирмы Nels для девочки и мальчика в ...

Шлем Otto фирмы Nels это отличный выбор головного убора на каждый день В нем ваш малыш никогда не замерзнет. Детские ушки никогда не ...

Шапки 52-54 Ketch и Nels | Festima.Ru - Мониторинг объявлений

Купите Шапки 52-54 Ketch и Nels с гарантией у официального продавца. ... шапочка на девочку, размер 52-54; в отличном состоянии, хлопок-акрил; ...

Мужские кроссовки треккинговые

Есть на ближнем складе. Эти товары могут отправиться к Вам уже на следующий рабочий день после подтверждения заказа, или даже скорее!

Купить детские шапки для мальчиков Nels в интернет-магазине ...

Купить детские шапки для мальчиков Nels с бесплатной доставкой по России.

Шапка Nels в Москве - 141 товар: Выгодные цены.

Шапка для девочки Nels Klara, цвет: ванильный крем. 1766116_1. Размер 56 Быстрый просмотр. Шапка для девочки Nels Klara, цвет: ванильный крем.

Костюм пуховый Nels для девочки р. 98-122 | Верхняя...

Большой выбор одежды и обуви Nels на нашем сайте. Скидки до 70% каждый день и бесплатная доставка по Москве и России! 100% Гарантия качества от официальных магазинов! ... Артикул: 1066002 VIVI 1000/ЛЕОПАРДЦвет: леопардСостав: верх: 100% нейлон, подкладка 100% полиэстер(флис), отделка-натуральный мехОписание: детская шапка с натуральным мехомУход за изделием: ручная стирка в теплой водеСтрана дизайна: ФинляндияСтрана п... 2 990 ₽. Ожидается. Nels.

Детская одежда NELS (Нельс). Интернет магазин зимней детской ...

Интернет магазин зимней детской одежды NELS. ... Комбинезоны · Комбинезоны · Комбинезон Nels · Шапки Nels · Одежда для девочек · Термобелье/ ...

Шапка шлем киват - БэбиБлог

Девочки,не подскажите,где можно купить шапку шлем Киват для мальчика на окружность головы 50,можно ... Шлемы и шапки KIVAT КИВАТ, Nels Новые!

Nels шапка 1604

Купить Шапка-шлем Nels по лучшей цене. Ознакомьтесь с подробными характеристиками, прочтите отзывы покупателей и выберите лучшую цену на Шапка-шлем Nels. У нас огромный выбор в категории "Для малышей". ... Найдено 7 предложений. Вы можете сравнить цены в интернет-магазинах и купить шапка-шлем Nels по выгодной цене с доставкой по Москве и всей России. Сравните магазины. Отзывы.

Robert R. Moeller Executives Guide to IT Governance. Improving Systems Processes with Service Management, COBIT, and ITIL

Create strong IT governance processes In the current business climate where a tremendous amount of importance is being given to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), the concept of IT governance is becoming an increasingly strong component. Executives Guide to IT Governance explains IT governance, why it is important to general, financial, and IT managers, along with tips for creating a strong governance, risk, and compliance IT systems process. Written by Robert Moeller, an authority in auditing and IT governance Practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services to your business Helps you identify current strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise IT governance processes Explores how to introduce effective IT governance principles with other enterprise GRC initiatives Other titles by Robert Moeller: IT Audit, Control, and Security and Brinks Modern Internal Auditing: A Common Body of Knowledge There is strong pressure on corporations to have a good understanding of their IT systems and the controls that need to be in place to avoid such things as fraud and security violations. Executives Guide to IT Governance gives you the tools you need to improve systems processes through IT service management, COBIT, and ITIL.

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Alex J. Vidal The Management of a Recently Formed Government

Governance means management and good governance means good management. In this insightful guide to Hong Kong, Alex J. Vidal directs the readers through the management of a government introducing important ideas so that corruption cannot present itself.

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Board Members and Management Consultants. Redefining the Boundaries of Consulting Corporate Governance (PB)

A volume in Research in Management ConsultingSeries Editor Anthony F. Buono, Bentley CollegeBoards and Management Consultants, the eighth volume in the Research in Management Consulting series,explores the growing complexity associated with the growing demands on boards of directors and the challengesraised by evolving expectations of what constitutes "good" governance. As a way of better understandingthe ramifications for management consulting, particular-and timely-emphasis is placed on theevolution of expectations and needs in relation to boards and their operation.The chapter authors, as noted above a truly international group of experts, more than succeed inraising the reader's awareness of the consequences that the evolving nature of corporate boards are having on the function of directors,how this function is being redefined by the players themselves-and what all of this change means for consultants and the realm ofmanagement consulting. Significant questions are raised and explored throughout the volume, from the extent to which these changeswill lead to new social, moral, ethical, and professional challenges and opportunities, to how the relationships between consultants andtheir traditional clients-managers, administrators and employees-might evolve. As management consultants become more activelyinvolved in governance issues, their role will clearly change, but will such changes enhance or constrain the role they have traditionallyplayed in organizations...

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Araujo Manuella Innovation Management in S

This book assesses how firms in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil are managing innovation. A mixed method approach is used in order to gather information on how managers of small and medium-sized organizations perceive and manage decisions regarding innovation. The study finds that the managers of the firms within the study perceive innovation as an important instrument for their success. However, even though they recognize the importance of innovation, no pattern is found in relation to innovative practices and strategies. The approach to innovation varies among firms. In spite of differences that were found, some commonalities reinforced existing literature.

6677 РУБ



Julie Meehan Pricing and Profitability Management. A Practical Guide for Business Leaders

The practical guide to using pricing and profitability management to build a better business A comprehensive reference for any business professional looking to understand the capabilities and competencies required for effectively managing pricing and profitability, Pricing and Profitability Management explains how to determine the right approach, tools, and techniques for each of six key categories (pricing strategy, price execution, advanced analytics and optimization, organizational alignment and governance, pricing technology and data management, and tax and regulatory effectiveness). Exploring each category in detail, the book addresses how an integrated approach to pricing improvement can give a sustainable, competitive advantage to any organization. The ultimate «how to» manual for any executive or manager interested in price management, the book presents a holistic, comprehensive framework that shows how integrating these pricing categories into a cohesive program leads to impressive gains that cannot be achieved through a single-pronged approach. Presents a comprehensive framework for more effectively managing pricing and profitability Identities the six key categories of pricing and profitability management Shows you how to gain a competitive edge by managing pricing and profitability Taking a comprehensive view of pricing, companies can position themselves to tap a vast source of shareholder value—the ability to set and enforce profitable prices, not just once, but again and again in response to marketplace changes and evolving business needs—and this book will show you how.

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Andy Tilleard Quick Win Safety Management

QUICK WIN SAFETY MANAGEMENT is aimed at entrepreneurs and business managers who want to understand how to protect their business investment, meet their legal obligations and cut their costs. By using a simple, effective and internationally-recognised safety management model, entrepreneurs and business managers can learn the basics of effective safety management, including the principal safety management components, how they fit together and relate to each other and how improvements in safety performance can be made and measured. QUICK WIN SAFETY MANAGEMENT is designed so that you can dip in and out seeking answers to your top safety management questions, as they arise. In addition, using the grid in the Contents, you can search for questions and answers across a range of topics.

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Nancy Snyder Tennant Unleashing Innovation. How Whirlpool Transformed an Industry

In publications such as BusinessWeek and Fast Company, the media have celebrated Whirlpools transformation into a leading-edge innovator and Nancy Tennant Snyders role as chief innovation officer. Ten years after this remarkable transformation, Unleashing Innovation tells the inside story of one of the most successful innovation turnarounds in American history. Nancy Tennant Snyder and coauthor Deborah L. Duarte reveal how Whirlpool undertook one of the largest change efforts in corporate history and show how innovation was embedded throughout the company, which ultimately lead to bottom-line results.

1756.04 РУБ



Carolina Machado Management and Engineering Innovation

This book discusses management and engineering innovation with a particular emphasis on human resource management (HRM) and production engineering. In an innovation context, the disciplines of management and engineering are linked to promote sustainable development, seeking cultural and geographical diversity in the studies of HRM and engineering, applications that can have a particular impact on organizational communications, change processes and work practices. This connection reflects the diversity of societal and infrastructural conditions. The authors mainly analyze research on important issues that transcend the boundaries of individual academic subjects and managerial functions. They take into account interdisciplinary scholarship and commentaries that challenge the paradigms and assumptions of individual disciplines or functions, which are based on conceptual and/or empirical literature. The book is designed to increase the knowledge and effectiveness of all those involved in management and engineering innovation whether in the profit or not-for-profit sectors, or in the public or private sectors. Contents 1. We the Engineers and Them the Managers, Teresa Carla Oliveira and Joao Fontes Da Costa. 2. Strategic Capabilities for Successful Engagement in Proactive CSR in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Resource-Based View Approach, Nuttaneeya (Ann) Torugsa and Wayne O’Donohue. 3. Innovative Management Development in the Automotive Supply Industry – A Preliminary Case Study for the Development of an Innovative Approach to Innovation Management, Frank E.P. Dievernich and Kim Oliver Tokarski. 4. Innovative Product Design and Development through Online Customization, M. Reza Abdi and Vipin Khanna. 5. Struggling for Survival and Success: Can Brazil’s Defense Industry Help Foster Innovation?, Alex Lôbo Carlos and Regina Maria de Oliveira Leite. 6. Knowledge Management Fostering Innovation: Balancing Practices and Enabling Contexts, Maria Joao Santos and Raky Wane. 7. Institutional Logics Promoting and Inhibiting Innovation, Teresa Carla Trigo Oliveira and Stuart Holland. 8. HRM in SMEs in Portugal: An Innovative Proposal of Characterization, Pedro Ribeiro Novo Melo and Carolina Machado. About the Authors Carolina Machado has been teaching Human Resource Management since 1989 at the School of Economics and Management, University of Minho, Portugal, becoming Associate Professor in 2004. Her research interests include the fields of Human Resource Management, International Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Management Change and Knowledge Management. J. Paulo Davim is Aggregate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. He has more than 25 years of teaching and research experience in production and mechanical engineering.

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Babatunde Olusola Opeibi Good governance and civic engagement in an emerging democracy

This monograph examines and discusses the engaging issue of good governance and civic engagement in an emerging democracy. Drawing insights from relevant academic and policy literature, it shows how discursive practices and normative principles can help to consolidate democratic governance in young and growing democracies. Using Nigeria as a case study, it demonstrates how the country strives to nurture her democracy and the place of civic engagement in stabilising democratic governance with some lessons drawn from some aspect of British democracy.

8502 РУБ



Christian Alexander Wegener Management Share Ownership

Seminar paper from the year 2006 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: sehr gut, University of Münster (Finance Center Münster), language: English, abstract: Many scholars have analyzed whether and how management share ownership should be used in terms of a corporate governance instrument to enhance corporate performance. The empirical results, however, have been inconclusive till this day. This seminar paper attempts to explain the problems and difficulties that underlie the obscurity and how researches might eventually unravel this challenge.

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Eran Vigoda-Gadot Global Dimensions of Public Administration and Governance. A Comparative Voyage

A comparative, interdisciplinary examination of the mechanisms behind public administration Global Dimensions of Public Administration and Governance is a comprehensive, comparative text on the structure and function of governments around the world. Written by two of the fields leading public administration scholars, this book provides an interdisciplinary perspective and a global, historical, and theoretical examination of the management and governance of the modern state. Readers learn how territory, bureaucracy, and political systems influence policy and reform in over thirty countries, and how these mechanisms affect the everyday lives of citizens. This comparative approach features rich examples of how policy is shaped by culture, and how modern policy principles are filtered to fit a countrys needs and expectations. Chapters conclude with comparative analyses that help readers better-understand the role and position of government in the contemporary world, both in democratic societies and less-than-democratic environments. Governance doesnt happen in a vacuum. Those responsible for policy, regulation, and reform take cues from history, current events, and visions for the future to inform thinking on matters that can potentially affect a large number of everyday lives. This book illustrates the thought process, providing the necessary insight these important decisions require. Understand the relationship between structure and function of government Learn how policy is culture-dependent Examine the political and societal contexts of reform Discover the myriad forms of modern bureaucracy The various social sciences provide valuable information and perspectives for those involved in public administration. Those perspectives converge here to form a thorough, well-rounded, examination of the success and failure possible, and the mechanisms through which they take place. Global Dimensions of Public Administration and Governance provides a detailed, wide-ranging look at how modern governments operate, how they got this far, and where theyre headed for the future.

8884.1 РУБ



Farbowski Magdalena Innovation Management in Smes

The field of innovation requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the market and the customers. Therefore this book tries to elaborate how SME's can reduce the additional risks and challenges they have to face compared to big corporation. It tries to clarifies question such as what the most important resources for developing innovations are. Based on already existing literature a well-functioning, success-oriented innovation process for SME's is being developed. To complete those, the roles of both, marketing department and sales department, are being clarified.

5902 РУБ



Strategic Alliances for Innovation and R.d

Strategic Alliances for Innovation and R&D is a volume in the book series Research in Strategic Alliancesthat focuses on providing a robust and comprehensive forum for new scholarship in the field of strategicalliances. In particular, the books in the series cover new views of interdisciplinary theoretical frameworksand models, significant practical problems of alliance organization and management, and emerging areas ofinquiry. The series also includes comprehensive empirical studies of selected segments of business,economic, industrial, government, and non-profit activities with wide prevalence of strategic alliances.Through the ongoing release of focused topical titles, this book series seeks to disseminate theoreticalinsights and practical management information that should enable interested professionals to gain arigorous and comprehensive understanding of the field of strategic alliances.Strategic Alliances for Innovation and R&D contains contributions by leading scholars in the field of strategic alliance research. The 11 chapters inthis volume cover a number of significant topics that encompass innovation and R&D through strategic alliances. The chapter topics cover both thebroader issues, such as the governance of high-tech alliances, knowledge flows in innovation clusters, co-innovation, and incomplete contracting, andthe more focused problems of inexperienced firms in R&D consortia, new product development, and managing alliance portfolio evolution i...

6202 РУБ



Bruce Berman From Assets to Profits. Competing for IP Value and Return

Edited by IP communications expert Bruce Berman, and with contributions from the top names in IP management, investment and consulting, From Assets to Profits: Competing for IP Value and Return provides a real-world look at patents, copyrights, and trademarks, how intellectual property assets work and the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which they are used for competitive advantage. Authoritative and insightful, From Assets to Profits reveals the most relevant ways to generate return on innovation, with advice and essential guidance from battle tested IP pros.

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Pierre Bonnet Enterprise Data Governance. Reference and Master Management Semantic Modeling

In an increasingly digital economy, mastering the quality of data is an increasingly vital yet still, in most organizations, a considerable task. The necessity of better governance and reinforcement of international rules and regulatory or oversight structures (Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II, Solvency II, IAS-IFRS, etc.) imposes on enterprises the need for greater transparency and better traceability of their data. All the stakeholders in a company have a role to play and great benefit to derive from the overall goals here, but will invariably turn towards their IT department in search of the answers. However, the majority of IT systems that have been developed within businesses are overly complex, badly adapted, and in many cases obsolete; these systems have often become a source of data or process fragility for the business. It is in this context that the management of ‘reference and master data’ or Master Data Management (MDM) and semantic modeling can intervene in order to straighten out the management of data in a forward-looking and sustainable manner. This book shows how company executives and IT managers can take these new challenges, as well as the advantages of using reference and master data management, into account in answering questions such as: Which data governance functions are available? How can IT be better aligned with business regulations? What is the return on investment? How can we assess intangible IT assets and data? What are the principles of semantic modeling? What is the MDM technical architecture? In these ways they will be better able to deliver on their responsibilities to their organizations, and position them for growth and robust data management and integrity in the future.

7610.98 РУБ



Nagy K. Hanna How Can Digital Technologies Improve Public Services and Governance?

This book considers the opportunities and challenges of harnessing digital technologies for improved public services and governance. It focuses on the challenges of applying digital technologies in developing countries, where dramatic results can be realized. It addresses questions like these: How can digital technologies help enhance transparency, accountability, and participation to improve service design and delivery? Where are the opportunities to enhance key areas of governance and public service delivery? What are the promising practices to strengthen supply and mobilize demand for good governance and service delivery? What are the emerging lessons from recent experience? The author explains with real cases how ICT can be deployed to improve public sector efficiency and accountability for resource management; improve access and quality of public services for citizens; enhance transparency and reduce costs of government-business transactions, support entrepreneurship, attract private investment, and reduce the burden of regulation; and enhance the effectiveness of political oversight and policy institutions. This book details the importance of understanding the social, political, and institutional contexts and the policies that might scale up ICT for governance and public service improvement.

4514 РУБ



Navi Radjou Jugaad Innovation. Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth

Jugaad Innovation is the most comprehensive book yet to appear on the subject [of frugal innovation]. —The Economist A frugal and flexible approach to innovation for the 21st century Innovation is a key directive at companies worldwide. But in these tough times, we cant rely on the old formula that has sustained innovation efforts for decades—expensive R&D projects and highly-structured innovation processes. Jugaad Innovation argues the West must look to places like India, Brazil, and China for a new approach to frugal and flexible innovation. The authors show how in these emerging markets, jugaad (a Hindi word meaning an improvised solution born from ingenuity and cleverness) is leading to dramatic growth and how Western companies can adopt jugaad innovation to succeed in our hypercompetitive world. Outlines the six principles of jugaad innovation: Seek opportunity in adversity, do more with less, think and act flexibly, keep it simple, include the margin, and follow your heart Features twenty case studies on large corporations from around the world—Google, Facebook, 3M, Apple, Best Buy, GE, IBM, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Tata Group, and more—that are actively practicing jugaad innovation The authors blog regularly at Harvard Business Review; their work has been profiled in BusinessWeek, MIT Sloan Management Review, The Financial Times, The Economist, and more Filled with previously untold and engaging stories of resourceful jugaad innovators and entrepreneurs in emerging markets and the United States This groundbreaking book shows leaders everywhere why the time is right for jugaad to emerge as a powerful business tool in the West—and how to bring jugaad practices to their organizations.

1756.04 РУБ




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