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Matthieu Petrigh Security and Risk Management. Selected Academic Essays

Anthology from the year 2014 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 70%, University of Portsmouth (Institute of Criminal Justice Studies), course: BSc Security and Risk Management, language: English, abstract: This collection of essays outlines the work of one BSc student in Security and Risk Management from the University of Portsmouth, UK. It provides useful insights towards a better understanding of the topics of security, risk and organised crime. This book will be of particular relevance for BSc students in security and risk management and for security professionals who would like to deepen their academic knowledge.List of essays:What are the main influences on the function of a security manager in the retail and aviation sectors? Is there such a thing as an unified theory of risk and does the academic literature account for such principle adequately? There has been a move away from risk as probability to risk as accountability and liability which place the emphasis upon the individual Business continuity management has evolved as a business function Critically discuss how corporate security management is evolving The introduction of more privatisation into public policing will bring lower standards and risk greater corruption Critically examine the appropriateness of the term 'organised crime'

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Christopher Wright Fundamentals of Information Risk Management Auditing

Protect your organisation from information security risksFor any modern business to thrive, it must assess, control and audit the risks it faces in a manner appropriate to its risk appetite. As information-based risks and threats continue to proliferate, it is essential that they are addressed as an integral component of your enterprise's risk management strategy, not in isolation. They must be identified, documented, assessed and managed, and assigned to risk owners so that they can be mitigated and audited.Fundamentals of Information Risk Management Auditing provides insight and guidance on this practice for those considering a career in information risk management, and an introduction for non-specialists, such as those managing technical specialists. Product overviewFundamentals of Information Risk Management Auditing - An Introduction for Managers and Auditors has four main parts:What is risk and why is it important?An introduction to general risk management and information risk.Introduction to general IS and management risksAn overview of general information security controls, and controls over the operation and management of information security, plus risks and controls for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.Introduction to application controlsAn introduction to application controls, the controls built into systems to ensure that they process data accurately and completely.Life as an information risk management specialist/auditorA guide f...

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Scenario Logic and Probabilistic Management of Risk in Business Engineering (Applied Optimization)

Book DescriptionIn this volume the methodological aspects of the scenario logic and probabilistic (LP) non-success risk management are considered. The theoretical bases of scenario non-success risk LP-management in business and engineering are also stated. Methods and algorithms for the scenario risk LP-management in problems of classification, investment and effectiveness are described. Risk LP- models and results of numerical investigations for credit risks, risk of frauds, security portfolio risk, risk of quality, accuracy, and risk in multi-stage systems reliability are given. In addition, a rather large number of new problems of estimation, analysis and management of risk are considered. Software for risk problems based on LP-methods, LP-theory, andGIE is described too.

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Andrew Sage P. Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management

Presents systems-based theory, methodology, and applications in risk modeling, assessment, and management This book examines risk analysis, focusing on quantifying risk and constructing probabilities for real-world decision-making, including engineering, design, technology, institutions, organizations, and policy. The author presents fundamental concepts (hierarchical holographic modeling; state space; decision analysis; multi-objective trade-off analysis) as well as advanced material (extreme events and the partitioned multi-objective risk method; multi-objective decision trees; multi-objective risk impact analysis method; guiding principles in risk analysis); avoids higher mathematics whenever possible; and reinforces the material with examples and case studies. The book will be used in systems engineering, enterprise risk management, engineering management, industrial engineering, civil engineering, and operations research. The fourth edition of Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management features: Expanded chapters on systems-based guiding principles for risk modeling, planning, assessment, management, and communication; modeling interdependent and interconnected complex systems of systems with phantom system models; and hierarchical holographic modeling An expanded appendix including a Bayesian analysis for the prediction of chemical carcinogenicity, and the Farmer’s Dilemma formulated and solved using a deterministic linear model Updated case studies including a new case study on sequential Pareto-optimal decisions for emergent complex systems of systems A new companion website with over 200 solved exercises that feature risk analysis theories, methodologies, and application Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management, Fourth Edition, is written for both undergraduate and graduate students in systems engineering and systems management courses. The text also serves as a resource for academic, industry, and government professionals in the fields of homeland and cyber security, healthcare, physical infrastructure systems, engineering, business, and more.

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Minoli Daniel Information Technology Risk Management in Enterprise Environments. A Review of Industry Practices and a Practical Guide to Teams

Discusses all types of corporate risks and practical means of defending against them. Security is currently identified as a critical area of Information Technology management by a majority of government, commercial, and industrial organizations. Offers an effective risk management program, which is the most critical function of an information security program.

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Robert Chapman J. Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management

Your business reputation can take years to build—and mere minutes to destroy The range of business threats is evolving rapidly but your organization can thrive and gain a competitive advantage with your business vision for enterprise risk management. Trends affecting markets—events in the global financial markets, changing technologies, environmental priorities, dependency on intellectual property—all underline how important it is to keep up to speed on the latest financial risk management practices and procedures. This popular book on enterprise risk management has been expanded and updated to include new themes and current trends for todays risk practitioner. It features up-to-date materials on new threats, lessons from the recent financial crisis, and how businesses need to protect themselves in terms of business interruption, security, project and reputational risk management. Project risk management is now a mature discipline with an international standard for its implementation. This book reinforces that project risk management needs to be systematic, but also that it must be embedded to become part of an organizations DNA. This book promotes techniques that will help you implement a methodical and broad approach to risk management. The author is a well-known expert and boasts a wealth of experience in project and enterprise risk management Easy-to-navigate structure breaks down the risk management process into stages to aid implementation Examines the external influences that bring sources of business risk that are beyond your control Provides a handy chapter with tips for commissioning consultants for business risk management services It is a business imperative to have a clear vision for risk management. Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management, Second Edition shows you the way.

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Karen Horcher A. Essentials of Financial Risk Management

A concise introduction to financial risk management strategies, policies, and techniques This ideal guide for business professionals focuses on strategic and management issues associated with financial risk. Essentials of Financial Risk Management identifies risk-mitigation policies and strategies; suggestions for determining an organizations risk tolerance; and sources of risk associated with currency exchange rates, interest rates, credit exposure, commodity prices, and other related events. Examples illustrate risk scenarios and offer tips on an array of management alternatives, including changes in the way business is conducted and hedging strategies involving derivatives.

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Constantin Zopounidis Quantitative Financial Risk Management. Theory and Practice

A Comprehensive Guide to Quantitative Financial Risk Management Written by an international team of experts in the field, Quantitative Financial Risk Management: Theory and Practice provides an invaluable guide to the most recent and innovative research on the topics of financial risk management, portfolio management, credit risk modeling, and worldwide financial markets. This comprehensive text reviews the tools and concepts of financial management that draw on the practices of economics, accounting, statistics, econometrics, mathematics, stochastic processes, and computer science and technology. Using the information found in Quantitative Financial Risk Management can help professionals to better manage, monitor, and measure risk, especially in todays uncertain world of globalization, market volatility, and geo-political crisis. Quantitative Financial Risk Management delivers the information, tools, techniques, and most current research in the critical field of risk management. This text offers an essential guide for quantitative analysts, financial professionals, and academic scholars.

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Yuri Raydugin Project Risk Management. Essential Methods for Teams and Decision Makers

An easy to implement, practical, and proven risk management methodology for project managers and decision makers Drawing from the authors work with several major and mega capital projects for Royal Dutch Shell, TransCanada Pipelines, TransAlta, Access Pipeline, MEG Energy, and SNC-Lavalin, Project Risk Management: Essential Methods for Project Teams and Decision Makers reveals how to implement a consistent application of risk methods, including probabilistic methods. It is based on proven training materials, models, and tools developed by the author to make risk management plans accessible and easily implemented. Written by an experienced risk management professional Reveals essential risk management methods for project teams and decision makers Packed with training materials, models, and tools for project management professionals Risk Management has been identified as one of the nine content areas for Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. Yet, it remains an area that can get bogged down in the real world of project management. Practical and clearly written, Project Risk Management: Essential Methods for Project Teams and Decision Makers equips project managers and decision makers with a practical understanding of the basics of risk management as they apply to project management. (PMP and Project Management Professional are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

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Wei Chen Financial Risk Management. Applications in Market, Credit, Asset and Liability Management Firmwide

A global banking risk management guide geared toward the practitioner Financial Risk Management presents an in-depth look at banking risk on a global scale, including comprehensive examination of the U.S. Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review, and the European Banking Authority stress tests. Written by the leaders of global banking risk products and management at SAS, this book provides the most up-to-date information and expert insight into real risk management. The discussion begins with an overview of methods for computing and managing a variety of risk, then moves into a review of the economic foundation of modern risk management and the growing importance of model risk management. Market risk, portfolio credit risk, counterparty credit risk, liquidity risk, profitability analysis, stress testing, and others are dissected and examined, arming you with the strategies you need to construct a robust risk management system. The book takes readers through a journey from basic market risk analysis to major recent advances in all financial risk disciplines seen in the banking industry. The quantitative methodologies are developed with ample business case discussions and examples illustrating how they are used in practice. Chapters devoted to firmwide risk and stress testing cross reference the different methodologies developed for the specific risk areas and explain how they work together at firmwide level. Since risk regulations have driven a lot of the recent practices, the book also relates to the current global regulations in the financial risk areas. Risk management is one of the fastest growing segments of the banking industry, fueled by banks fundamental intermediary role in the global economy and the industrys profit-driven increase in risk-seeking behavior. This book is the product of the authors experience in developing and implementing risk analytics in banks around the globe, giving you a comprehensive, quantitative-oriented risk management guide specifically for the practitioner. Compute and manage market, credit, asset, and liability risk Perform macroeconomic stress testing and act on the results Get up to date on regulatory practices and model risk management Examine the structure and construction of financial risk systems Delve into funds transfer pricing, profitability analysis, and more Quantitative capability is increasing with lightning speed, both methodologically and technologically. Risk professionals must keep pace with the changes, and exploit every tool at their disposal. Financial Risk Management is the practitioners guide to anticipating, mitigating, and preventing risk in the modern banking industry.

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Tatonka Petri Chair – купить рюкзак, сравнение цен интернет ...

Рюкзак Tatonka Petri Chair ✓ Купить по лучшей цене ✓ Описание, фото, видео ✓ Рейтинги, тесты, сравнение ✓ Отзывы, обсуждение пользователей.

Фото Крыма - Ай-Петри фото - Все о Крыме - adonis-crimea.com.ua

Фотоальбом горы Ай-Петри, одного из символов южного берега Крыма. Кроме фото Ай-петри вы можете посмотреть и видео с экскурсии и подъем по ...

Короткие платья circus hotel купить в Самаре в интернет магазине

Большой каталог товаров: Короткие платья circus hotel▽ - сравнение цен в ... PETRI Короткое платье. PETRI. PETRI Короткое платье. 21 000 ₽ 9 450 ₽

Гора Ай-Петри - отзыв о Ай-Петри, Кореиз - TripAdvisor

Ай-Петри: Гора Ай-Петри - просмотрите отзывы путешественников (802 шт.), реальные фотографии (1 582 шт.) и лучшие специальные предложения ...

Matthieu petrigh security and risk management selected academic essays. Крым. Ай-Петри | Отзывы покупателей - IRecommend

Взобраться на вершину горы - достичь цели, или Зачем человек, отчаянно боящийся высоты, устремился вверх к зубцам Ай-Петри. Боящийся высоты ...

Гора Ай-Петри - География

Гора Ай-Петри находится на высоте 1234 м над уровнем моря и является величественной вершиной, которая входит в главную гряду Крымских гор.

Vestiti cù petri - Confetissimo — женский блог

Как правило, это небольшие короткие наряды, соблазнительно обтягивающие женское тело. Самым популярным является короткое прозрачное платье ...

Гора Ай-Петри в Крыму : обзор с фото и видео, как добраться ...

Ай-Петри — самая популярная гора в Крыму и считается одной из визитных карточек Крыма. Если подняться на вершину Ай-Петри, то сверху ...

Не ешьте в кафе на горе Ай-Петри ! • Форум Винского

19 сент. 2014 г. - Всем привет. Хочу поделиться поездкой на гору ай-петри. Точнее одной из ее составляющих. В общем шли мы по дороге от Мисхора ...

Matthieu petrigh security and risk management selected academic essays. Гора Ай-Петри – wikipoints.ru

Ай-Петри — гора в Крымских горах в составе массива Ай-Петринская яйла, находится недалеко от Ялты. Высота горы 1231 м. Различают Главную ...

Ай-Петри – зубы гигантского дракона с живописным видом на ...

8 сент. 2013 г. - Ай-Петри – зубы гигантского дракона над южным берегом Крыма. ... на Крым (15 фото). Ай-Петри - самая величественная гора Крыма ...

Стас Михайлов - вес, рост, возраст - все о …

Всем, кто любит и ценит настоящую глубокую философскую песню, очень хорошо известен певец эстрады и русского шансона, поэт и композитор Стас Михайлов.

Гора Ай-Петри — Ялта - туризм с Samovar Travel

Будучи в Ялте, нельзя упустить из вида посещение Ай-Петри – одной из главных достопримечательностей полуострова. Плато Ай-Петри является ...

Гора Ай-Петри в Крыму: где находится, как добраться, фото ...

24 авг. 2016 г. - Подробное описание горы Ай-Петри в Крыму (Россия). Где находится на карте и как добраться на машине? Фото, видео и отзывы.

Гора Ай-Петри - Радио ИСКАТЕЛЬ

Вершину Ай-Петри покоряют скалолазы, спелеологи, здесь часто тренируются лыжники, работают метеорологи. Гора отличается живописными ...

Гора Ай-Петри – wikipoints.ru

Ай-Петри — гора в Крымских горах в составе массива Ай-Петринская яйла, находится недалеко от Ялты. Высота горы 1231 м. Различают Главную ...

Ай-Петри (Крым) - канатная дорога, подвесной мост, высота горы ...

29 сент. 2015 г. - Спросите людей, малознакомых с Крымом, какая гора самая известная на полуострове и больше половины ответят - Ай-Петри. Эта ...

GISMETEO: погода на горе Ай-Петри сегодня ― прогноз погоды на ...

Погода на горе Ай-Петри на сегодня, точный прогноз погоды на сегодня для населенного пункта гора Ай-Петри, Ялта (городской округ), Республика ...

Tatonka Petri Chair: Купить в Харькове - Сравнить цены на ...

Price.ua ➤ Мы поможем Вам выбрать Tatonka Petri Chair по лучшим ... TATONKA Рюкзак-стул Tatonka Petri Chair black (TAT 2296. ... Похожие модели ...

Крым. Ай-Петри | Отзывы покупателей - IRecommend

Взобраться на вершину горы - достичь цели, или Зачем человек, отчаянно боящийся высоты, устремился вверх к зубцам Ай-Петри. Боящийся высоты ...

Ай-Петри - Туристический портал Крыма

Ай-Петри- полная информация о горе, ее достопримечательности, фото и описание. Гора -Ай-Петри находится на Крымском полуострове, является ...

SORELLE SECLI Короткое платье Женщинам CL000014445036 ...

SORELLE SECLI Короткое платье Женщинам CL000014445036, цвет: чёрный из магазина YOOX, бренд SORELLE SECLI в наличии. Бесплатная ...

Экскурсии на Ай-Петри в 2019 году, стоимость экскурсий на гору ...

Экскурсии на Ай Петри в 2019 году, цены на экскурсии на гору Ай Петри. Узнайте сколько стоит экскурсия из Севастополя.

Стул Tatonka Petri Chair для рыбалки Black/Bronze Черный TAT ...

27 фев 2019 ... Стул Tatonka Petri Chair для рыбалки Black/Bronze в Киеве. C доставкой. ... и обзоры, все это поможет определиться с выбором модели.

Стул-рюкзак для рыбалки Petri Chair купить в магазине tatonka.ru

Большой рыбацкий стул-рюкзак. Рюкзак имеет верхнюю загрузку, объемное утягивающееся внутреннее отделение. Рюкзак имеет карман в крышке ...

Гору Ай-Петри закрыли для туристов :: Новости :: ТВ Центр

5 янв. 2019 г. - Более 12 часов потребовалось спасателям, чтобы освободить 300 человек, заблокированных на горе Ай-Петри в Крыму. Из-за схода ...

Рюкзак-стул Tatonka Petri Chair 35 (Black). Бесплатная доставка

Две необходимые вещи для успешной рыбалки в модели Petri Chair от бренда Tatonka - это рюкзак, который вместит в себя все самое необходимое, ...

Ай-Петри, Крым. Гостиницы рядом, канатная дорога, фото, видео ...

Гора Ай-Петри — один из символов Южного Берега Крыма. Ай-Петри входит в состав массива Ай-Петринская яйла (плато) в западной части Главной ...

Ай-Петри, гора — путеводитель по отдыху в Крыму - jalita.com

Ай-Петри — гора в Крыму, своеобразный символ Южного берега Крыма. Высота — 1.233 м над уровнем моря. Гора видна в радиусе 35 километров.

Самостоятельно по Крыму. Канатная дорога на гору Ай-Петри.

Сегодня мы отправились по окрестностям курорта Ялта. И первой на очереди будет гора Ай-Петри, куда мы решили забраться по канатной дороге.

Стильные женщины в немецком парламенте: Фрауке Петри ...

24 окт 2017 ... Фрауке Петри в кружевном платье появилась на работе. ... в Берлине она надела кружевное короткое платье нежно-голубого цвета со ...

Гора Ай-Петри, Крым 2019 — полезная информация с фото

Гора Ай-Петри, расположенная в Крыму, является одной из самых красивых и популярных вершин среди туристов. Она входит в состав массива ...

Купить короткое платье мини | интернет магазин коротких ...

Короткие платья мини - огромный выбор платьев любого размера в интернет магазине Dieva. Короткие мини платья на любой вкус от производителя.

Tatonka Petri Chair стул-рюкзак - Рыболовные - кпоходу

Тип/модель, Petri Chair стул-рюкзак. Производитель, Tatonka. Материал, 420 HD Nylon, алюминиевая рама. Размер, 54х32х20 см. Объем рюкзака, 35 л.

Обзоры модели Рюкзак TATONKA Petri Chair 35 на Яндекс ...

Статьи и видеообзоры, посвящённые модели Рюкзак TATONKA Petri Chair 35, с описанием функций, особенностей, плюсов и минусов товара.

Крым, гора Ай-Петри: trof_av

Гора Ай-Петри находится в Крыму, в 9 км от Ялты и имеет максимальную высоту 1346 метров. Ай-Петри в первую очередь привлекает шикарными ...

Гора Ай-Петри, Мисхор. Памятники природы. Спутник / Туризм

Подняться на гору можно на автомобиле по серпантину или по канатной дороге «Мисхор — Ай-Петри». Участок канатки между средней и верхней ...

Гора Ай-Петри - vkrym.su - достопримечательности Крыма

Одна из самых воспеваемых поэтами крымских гор – Ай-Петри величаво возвышается над Мисхором и Алупкой.

Крым: гора Ай-Петри и подвесные мосты: mitrofanova_m

30 сент. 2016 г. - Когда я приезжаю в Крым, у меня есть два пункта обязательной программы: забраться на гору и съесть чебурек. Это необязательно ...

Короткое платье virginia bizzi черный взрослый до 20 000 ...

Сервис поиска товаров и сравнения цен Короткое платье virginia bizzi черный взрослый до 20 ... PETRI Короткое платье PETRI Короткое платье фото.

Крым. гора Ай Петри - Техно24

Крым. гора Ай Петри. Каждый раз посещая полуостров мы открываем для себя новые и удивительно красивые места. Крым, мы тебя любим!!! поделись ...В Крыму перекрыли дорогу через гору Ай-Петри - РИА Новости ...https://ria.ru/20190105/1549043433.htmlСохраненная копия5 янв. 2019 г. - СИМФЕРОПОЛЬ, 5 янв – РИА Новости. Автодорога через гору Ай-Петри со стороны города Бахчисарай и Ялта перекрыта для всех ...

Канатная дорога "Мисхор - Ай-Петри". Официальный сайт.

Канатная дорога "Мисхор - Ай-Петри" ... протянулся уникальный безопорный пролет: протяженностью 1670 метров и углом подъема возле гор 46⁰.

Гора Ай-Петри. Ялта. Крым - 100+ Уголков Украины

Гора Ай-Петри Ай-Петри (укр. Ай-Петрі, крымскотат. Ay Petri; в переводе с греч. Святой Петр) — вершина в Крымских горах, в составе Ай-Петринской ...

Гора Ай-Петри / Крым

Гора Ай-Петри (греч. Святой Пётр) – пожалуй, самая известная и часто посещаемая достопримечательность Крыма.

Погода на Ай-Петри | ВКонтакте

Хочу подняться на любимую гору Ай - Петри . Но токо не знаю пропустят Ман ... Подскажите.С Ялты до какого участка расчищена дорога на Ай-Петри.

Гора Ай-Петри - знаменитая вершина крымских гор и мост в небо

18 мар. 2017 г. - Гора Ай-Петри является одной из достопримечательностей Крыма. Имя горы в переводе с греческого означает "Святой Петр".

Гора Ай-Петри в Крыму. История, координаты и фото Ай-Петри

Неподалеку от Алупки и Кореиза находится гора Ай-Петри, высотой 1234,2 метра, которая является южной оконечностью Ай-Петринской яйлы, ...

Ай-Петри (Яйла). Крымские горы. Природа Крыма. Растительный ...

Гора Ай-Петри расположена в Крымских горах и входит в составе горного массива Ай-Петринская яйла, а ее высота составляет 1234 м над уровнем ...

Гора Ай-Петри: координаты и фото, что посмотреть и где ...

Гора Ай-Петри (Крым, Россия) — подробное описание, расположение, отзывы, фото и видео.

Крым, гора Ай-Петри: bepowerback

25 авг. 2017 г. - Гору Ай-Петри по праву считают одним из международно-известных символов полуострова, а также главной природной ...

Стул-рюкзак PETRI CHAIR, olive ― купить в Москве. Цена, фото ...

Стул-рюкзак PETRI CHAIR, olive ― купить в интернет-магазине SPORTAVA. RU. ... Производитель: Tatonka. Модель: PETRI CHAIR. Описание. Отзывы.

Гора Ай-Петри в Крыму - как добраться на машине, на автобусе ...

Если спросить у россиян, с чем у них ассоциируется Крым, многие в первую очередь ответят – Ай-Петри. Я сама обожаю эту гору и во многом ...‎Как добраться · ‎Чем заняться · ‎Ай-Петри зимой · ‎Горнолыжный комплексГора Ай-Петри - Туристический портал Крымаwww.krym4you.com/dostoprimechatelnosti/gory/gora-aj-petri/Сохраненная копияПохожиеГора Ай-Петри - описание, фото, цена экскурсия, достопримечательности, что нужно посетить, как добраться и множество полезной информации.

русский костюм первой половины XVIII века Понятие мода

Петр I нарушил патриархально-домостроевский быт и стиль России с введением ... быстроги (короткое платье с руковами), юбки, шлафроки и самары.

Matthieu petrigh security and risk management selected academic essays. Спасатели расчистили заваленную снегом дорогу на горе Ай ...

Спасатели расчистили заваленную снегом дорогу на горе Ай-Петри в Крыму. Анастасия Евдокимова. 08:40 05.01.2019. Днем в пятницу на горе сошли ...

Ай-Петри, гора, отдых, экстрим в Крыму.

Гора Ай-Петри - это активный отдых круглый год: летом - это адреналиновый аттракцион - подвесные мосты между зубцами Ай-Петри, экстрим на ...

Гора Ай-Петри, Крым, канатная дорога | Фото, как добраться

26 авг. 2017 г. - Гора Ай-Петри является одним из самых популярных мест Крыма и одной из его визитных карточек. Так же как и знаменитая канатная ...

Rozetka.ua | Рюкзак-стул Tatonka Petri Chair Черный. Цена ...

3 705,00 грн. - Нет в наличии<br />Рюкзак-стул Tatonka Petri Chair - совмещает в себе две функции - рюкзака и стула. Это просто незаменимая вещь для рыбаков и охотников, так и ...

Подъём на гору Ай-Петри - Azur.ru

Подъём на гору Ай-Петри | Над Ялтинским регионом Крыма возвышается одна из красивейших вершин Крымских гор и популярная природная ...

Гора Ай-Петри - Всё об отдыхе в Крыму

Обзор горы Ай-Петри: описание и фотографии того, что стоит посмотреть на горе. Советы по посещению и как добраться на Ай-Петри.

Гора Ай-Петри в Крыму - место, которое должен посетить каждый ...

Одним из самых главных и популярных среди туристов символов Крымского полуострова является знаменитая гора Ай-Петри, относящаяся к ...

Ай-Петри — Википедия

Ай-Пе́три (укр. Ай-Петрі, крымско-тат. Ay Petri, Ай Петри, от греч. Άγιος Πέτρος) — гора в Крымских горах в составе массива Ай-Петринская яйла.‎Описание · ‎Климат · ‎Галерея · ‎ПримечанияГора Ай-Петри в Крыму, фото и описание особенностей, советы ...https://planetofhotels.com › Крым › Отели АлупкиСохраненная копияГора Ай-Петри в Крыму, фото. Имеет плоскую вершину с которой открывается великолепный вид на Ялту. Сюда можно добраться по канатной дороге, ...

Гора Ай-Петри - лесопарк, заповедник, Республика Крым ... - Яндекс

Гора Ай-Петри, Лесопарк, заповедник. Республика Крым, городской округ Ялта, поселок городского типа Кореиз.

Спасатели расчистили заваленную снегом дорогу на горе Ай ...

Спасатели расчистили заваленную снегом дорогу на горе Ай-Петри в Крыму. Анастасия Евдокимова. 08:40 05.01.2019. Днем в пятницу на горе сошли ...

Гора Ай-Петри: Крым 2017, фото, видео, канатная дорога ...

Гора Ай-Петри: Крым 2017, фото, видео, канатная дорога, Большой каньон Крыма. Ай-Петри — символ Крымского побережья. Вершина ...

Проезд туристов на гору Ай-Петри в Крыму из-за снега разрешен ...

3 янв. 2019 г. - Проезд на популярную у туристов гору Ай-Петри в Крыму из-за образовавшихся заторов на заснеженных участках запрещен для всех ...

Eric Vanderburg Implementing a Best Practice Risk Assessment Methodology

Document from the year 2013 in the subject Information Management, , language: English, abstract: Risk assessments play a critical role in the development and implementation of effective information security programs and help address a range of security related issues from advanced persistent threats to supply chain concerns.The results of risk assessments are used to develop specific courses of action that can provide effective response measures to the identified risks as part of a broad-based risk management process.The guidance provided here uses the key risk factors of threats, vulnerabilities, impact to missions and business operations, and the likelihood of threat exploitation of weaknesses in information systems and environments of operation, to help senior leaders and executives understand and assess the current information security risks to information technology infrastructure.

1689 РУБ



Karen Hardy Enterprise Risk Management. A Guide for Government Professionals

Winner of the 2017 Most Promising New Textbook Award by Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA)! Practical guide to implementing Enterprise Risk Management processes and procedures in government organizations Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals is a practical guide to all aspects of risk management in government organizations at the federal, state, and local levels. Written by Dr. Karen Hardy, one of the leading ERM practitioners in the Federal government, the book features a no-nonsense approach to establishing and sustaining a formalized risk management approach, aligned with the ISO 31000 risk management framework. International Organization for Standardization guidelines are explored and clarified, and case studies illustrate their real-world application and implementation in US government agencies. Tools, including a sample 90-day action plan, sample risk management policy, and a comprehensive implementation checklist allow readers to immediately begin applying the information presented. The book also includes results of Hardys ERM Core Competency Survey for the Public Sector; which offers an original in-depth analysis of the Core Competency Skills recommended by federal, state and local government risk professionals. It also provides a side-by-side comparison of how federal government risk professionals view ERM versus their state and local government counterparts. Enterprise Risk Management provides actionable guidance toward creating a solid risk management plan for agencies at any risk level. The book begins with a basic overview of risk management, and then delves into government-specific topics including: U.S. Federal Government Policy on Risk Management Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act GAO Standards for internal control Government Performance Results Modernization Act The book also provides a comparative analysis of ERM frameworks and standards, and applies rank-specific advice to employees including Budget Analysts, Program Analysts, Management Analysts, and more. The demand for effective risk management specialists is growing as quickly as the risk potential. Government employees looking to implement a formalized risk management approach or in need of increasing their general understanding of this subject matter will find Enterprise Risk Management a strategically advantageous starting point.

4460.79 РУБ



Kenett Ron S. Operational Risk Management. A Practical Approach to Intelligent Data Analysis

Models and methods for operational risks assessment and mitigation are gaining importance in financial institutions, healthcare organizations, industry, businesses and organisations in general. This book introduces modern Operational Risk Management and describes how various data sources of different types, both numeric and semantic sources such as text can be integrated and analyzed. The book also demonstrates how Operational Risk Management is synergetic to other risk management activities such as Financial Risk Management and Safety Management. Operational Risk Management: a practical approach to intelligent data analysis provides practical and tested methodologies for combining structured and unstructured, semantic-based data, and numeric data, in Operational Risk Management (OpR) data analysis. Key Features: The book is presented in four parts: 1) Introduction to OpR Management, 2) Data for OpR Management, 3) OpR Analytics and 4) OpR Applications and its Integration with other Disciplines. Explores integration of semantic, unstructured textual data, in Operational Risk Management. Provides novel techniques for combining qualitative and quantitative information to assess risks and design mitigation strategies. Presents a comprehensive treatment of «near-misses» data and incidents in Operational Risk Management. Looks at case studies in the financial and industrial sector. Discusses application of ontology engineering to model knowledge used in Operational Risk Management. Many real life examples are presented, mostly based on the MUSING project co-funded by the EU FP6 Information Society Technology Programme. It provides a unique multidisciplinary perspective on the important and evolving topic of Operational Risk Management. The book will be useful to operational risk practitioners, risk managers in banks, hospitals and industry looking for modern approaches to risk management that combine an analysis of structured and unstructured data. The book will also benefit academics interested in research in this field, looking for techniques developed in response to real world problems.

9574.99 РУБ



Global Association of Risk Professionals Foundations Energy Management. An Overview the Sector and Its Physical Financial Markets

GARPs Fundamentals of Energy Risk Management introduces investors to the basic components and some of the basic terminology used in the energy industry. It covers the commodity cycle, energy use and sources, and various risk types, various energy products and the markets where energy is traded. It also introduces certain risk management fundamentals and real option thinking. The book is GARPs required text used by risk professionals looking to obtain their Certificate in Energy Risk Management.

7162.39 РУБ



Stuart McClure How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk

A ground shaking exposé on the failure of popular cyber risk management methods How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk exposes the shortcomings of current «risk management» practices, and offers a series of improvement techniques that help you fill the holes and ramp up security. In his bestselling book How to Measure Anything, author Douglas W. Hubbard opened the business worlds eyes to the critical need for better measurement. This book expands upon that premise and draws from The Failure of Risk Management to sound the alarm in the cybersecurity realm. Some of the fields premier risk management approaches actually create more risk than they mitigate, and questionable methods have been duplicated across industries and embedded in the products accepted as gospel. This book sheds light on these blatant risks, and provides alternate techniques that can help improve your current situation. Youll also learn which approaches are too risky to save, and are actually more damaging than a total lack of any security. Dangerous risk management methods abound; there is no industry more critically in need of solutions than cybersecurity. This book provides solutions where they exist, and advises when to change tracks entirely. Discover the shortcomings of cybersecuritys «best practices» Learn which risk management approaches actually create risk Improve your current practices with practical alterations Learn which methods are beyond saving, and worse than doing nothing Insightful and enlightening, this book will inspire a closer examination of your companys own risk management practices in the context of cybersecurity. The end goal is airtight data protection, so finding cracks in the vault is a positive thing—as long as you get there before the bad guys do. How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk is your guide to more robust protection through better quantitative processes, approaches, and techniques.

3455.54 РУБ



Bob Litterman Quantitative Risk Management. A Practical Guide to Financial

State of the art risk management techniques and practices—supplemented with interactive analytics All too often risk management books focus on risk measurement details without taking a broader view. Quantitative Risk Management delivers a synthesis of common sense management together with the cutting-edge tools of modern theory. This book presents a road map for tactical and strategic decision making designed to control risk and capitalize on opportunities. Most provocatively it challenges the conventional wisdom that «risk management» is or ever should be delegated to a separate department. Good managers have always known that managing risk is central to a financial firm and must be the responsibility of anyone who contributes to the profit of the firm. A guide to risk management for financial firms and managers in the post-crisis world, Quantitative Risk Management updates the techniques and tools used to measure and monitor risk. These are often mathematical and specialized, but the ideas are simple. The book starts with how we think about risk and uncertainty, then turns to a practical explanation of how risk is measured in todays complex financial markets. Covers everything from risk measures, probability, and regulatory issues to portfolio risk analytics and reporting Includes interactive graphs and computer code for portfolio risk and analytics Explains why tactical and strategic decisions must be made at every level of the firm and portfolio Providing the models, tools, and techniques firms need to build the best risk management practices, Quantitative Risk Management is an essential volume from an experienced manager and quantitative analyst.

5968.66 РУБ



Matt Sekerke Bayesian Risk Management. A Guide to Model and Sequential Learning in Financial Markets

A risk measurement and management framework that takes model risk seriously Most financial risk models assume the future will look like the past, but effective risk management depends on identifying fundamental changes in the marketplace as they occur. Bayesian Risk Management details a more flexible approach to risk management, and provides tools to measure financial risk in a dynamic market environment. This book opens discussion about uncertainty in model parameters, model specifications, and model-driven forecasts in a way that standard statistical risk measurement does not. And unlike current machine learning-based methods, the framework presented here allows you to measure risk in a fully-Bayesian setting without losing the structure afforded by parametric risk and asset-pricing models. Recognize the assumptions embodied in classical statistics Quantify model risk along multiple dimensions without backtesting Model time series without assuming stationarity Estimate state-space time series models online with simulation methods Uncover uncertainty in workhorse risk and asset-pricing models Embed Bayesian thinking about risk within a complex organization Ignoring uncertainty in risk modeling creates an illusion of mastery and fosters erroneous decision-making. Firms who ignore the many dimensions of model risk measure too little risk, and end up taking on too much. Bayesian Risk Management provides a roadmap to better risk management through more circumspect measurement, with comprehensive treatment of model uncertainty.

5968.66 РУБ



John Fraser Enterprise Risk Management. Todays Leading Research and Best Practices for Tomorrows Executives

Essential insights on the various aspects of enterprise risk management If you want to understand enterprise risk management from some of the leading academics and practitioners of this exciting new methodology, Enterprise Risk Management is the book for you. Through in-depth insights into what practitioners of this evolving business practice are actually doing as well as anticipating what needs to be taught on the topic, John Fraser and Betty Simkins have sought out the leading experts in this field to clearly explain what enterprise risk management is and how you can teach, learn, and implement these leading practices within the context of your business activities. In this book, the authors take a broad view of ERM, or what is called a holistic approach to ERM. Enterprise Risk Management introduces you to the wide range of concepts and techniques for managing risk in a holistic way that correctly identifies risks and prioritizes the appropriate responses. This invaluable guide offers a broad overview of the different types of techniques: the role of the board, risk tolerances, risk profiles, risk workshops, and allocation of resources, while focusing on the principles that determine business success. This comprehensive resource also provides a thorough introduction to enterprise risk management as it relates to credit, market, and operational risk, as well as the evolving requirements of the rating agencies and their importance to the overall risk management in a corporate setting. Filled with helpful tables and charts, Enterprise Risk Management offers a wealth of knowledge on the drivers, the techniques, the benefits, as well as the pitfalls to avoid, in successfully implementing enterprise risk management. Discusses the history of risk management and more recently developed enterprise risk management practices and how you can prudently implement these techniques within the context of your underlying business activities Provides coverage of topics such as the role of the chief risk officer, the use of anonymous voting technology, and risk indicators and their role in risk management Explores the culture and practices of enterprise risk management without getting bogged down by the mathematics surrounding the more conventional approaches to financial risk management This informative guide will help you unlock the incredible potential of enterprise risk management, which has been described as a proxy for good management.

6282.8 РУБ



Отсутствует Risk Management. Foundations For a Changing Financial World

Key readings in risk management from CFA Institute, the preeminent organization representing financial analysts Risk management may have been the single most important topic in finance over the past two decades. To appreciate its complexity, one must understand the art as well as the science behind it. Risk Management: Foundations for a Changing Financial World provides investment professionals with a solid framework for understanding the theory, philosophy, and development of the practice of risk management by Outlining the evolution of risk management and how the discipline has adapted to address the future of managing risk Covering the full range of risk management issues, including firm, portfolio, and credit risk management Examining the various aspects of measuring risk and the practical aspects of managing risk Including key writings from leading risk management practitioners and academics, such as Andrew Lo, Robert Merton, John Bogle, and Richard Bookstaber For financial analysts, money managers, and others in the finance industry, this book offers an in-depth understanding of the critical topics and issues in risk management that are most important to today’s investment professionals.

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Nicolas Larrieu Risk Propagation Assessment for Network Security. Application to Airport Communication Design

The focus of this book is risk assessment methodologies for network architecture design. The main goal is to present and illustrate an innovative risk propagation-based quantitative assessment tool. This original approach aims to help network designers and security administrators to design and build more robust and secure network topologies. As an implementation case study, the authors consider an aeronautical network based on AeroMACS (Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System) technology. AeroMACS has been identified as the wireless access network for airport surface communications that will soon be deployed in European and American airports mainly for communications between aircraft and airlines. It is based on the IEEE 802.16-2009 standard, also known as WiMAX. The book begins with an introduction to the information system security risk management process, before moving on to present the different risk management methodologies that can be currently used (quantitative and qualitative). In the third part of the book, the authors’ original quantitative network risk assessment model based on risk propagation is introduced. Finally, a network case study of the future airport AeroMACS system is presented. This example illustrates how the authors’ quantitative risk assessment proposal can provide help to network security designers for the decision-making process and how the security of the entire network may thus be improved. Contents Part 1. Network Security Risk Assessment 1. Introduction to Information System Security Risk Management Process. 2. System Security Risk Management Background. 3. A Quantitative Network Risk Management Methodology Based on Risk Propagation. Part 2. Application to Airport Communication Network Design 4. The AeroMACS Communication System in the SESAR Project. 5. Aeronautical Network Case Study. About the Authors Mohamed Slim Ben Mahmoud is a research engineer for the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC, the French national institution for civil aviation. Nicolas Larrieu is a teacher and researcher at the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC. Alain Pirovano is a teacher and researcher and head of the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC.

5900.3 РУБ




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